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Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair transplant density after FUE. Is this normal?

I received a hair transplant around 10 days ago and I’m not sure how happy I am with the density. Is this a standard density from an FUE procedure? Will it look better once it grows out to length, or will it look weird next to my normal hair density?


It is hard to determine your final outcome Post-Op day 10. The amount a surgeon can transplant is determined by many factors. Including the hair thickness and quality, donor density, your age and family history of your hair loss pattern. A conservative approach is always best as one should preserve donors for the future incase there is need for it as you age. More importantly, your hairline appears very natural so I think you maybe very happy with your results.

Dr Peter Payam Ebizadeh MD

Is my hairline receding more on my right side?

My hair seems thinner and shorter on my right side. I feel like the left side of my head looks normal but the right side looks like I am balding. I can’t tell if its just how the lady cut my hair or not because it has been 2 weeks and It looks as though my right side is growing very very slow if at all.


It is very common to have asymmetric hair loss/regression. A persons hairline or face is not completely symmetric. Given your age and recession. I suggest you visit a specialist to help prevent further progression. we offer great novel techniques and products at our offices that will benefit you in that regard. you’re welcome to visit us free of charge in our Beverly hills office.

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Is Coal Tar 1% shampoo safe to use after a hair transplant?

50 days post hair transplant: for the last 3 years I have been suffering from the seborrheic dermatitis due to that at the donor area and some transplanted area whitish crusting and when I removed it, it came again and again. I’ve used Fluconazole, Itraconazole and many antifungal and antidandruff shampoos for the same but it continues on a particular area over the scalp. My doctor has given me a coal tar 1%shampoo, is it safe to use after a hair transplant?


You may resume your Tar shampoo four weeks after your FUE treatment.

Dr Peter Payam Ebizadeh MD

Can FUE transplanted hair change in character to match original hair? If, so, over what time period?

I had 2 FUE procedures unfortunately at an early stage. My rationale behind it was to prevent getting to the visibly bald stage. First operation took place in 2014 followed by a second one in 2016. However, I have noticed that my hair follicles are more coarse and curly and in certain locations frizzy. Comparing to my baseline which used to be straight and silky. Can one expect the hair strands to be similar to the original hair by the next anagen phase? If, so, over what time period? Thank you very much.


Occasionally, Transplanted hair become more curly, frizzy and of different texture than the hair from where it was harvested.. No cause for concern since that transplanted hair typically regains its normal character.

Dr Peter Payam Ebizadeh MD

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