Lower Body Liftin Newport Beach

A Lower Body Lift is performed to remove excess, loose & relaxed skin around the lower body area including the buttocks, inner and outer Thighs, abdomen & Flanks.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

A Lower Body Lift can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours under general anesthesia. The length of the procedure depends on how much tissue and fat need to be removed. All sutures are placed internally; there are no external sutures.

During your consultation for a lower body lift Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Anton will discuss the quality of your lower body skin, the amount of excess skin, any excess fat, as well as any pre-existing scars. When considering a lower body lift, patients need realistic expectations.

Lower Body Lift Newport Beach

Lower Body Lift Newport Beach

Types of Lower Body Lifts

A lower body lift can include one procedure or a combination of inner thigh lift, outer thigh lift, buttocks lift, and removal of flanks. For some patients, excess fat must first be removed with Curved Liposuction to de-bulk the lower body and sculpt more desirable contours.

Newport Beach Lower Body Lift

Curved Liposuction helps smooth out skin and contours of the hips and upper thighs. Our Newport Beach Lower Body Lift patients with mild to moderate degrees of excess fat may include Curved Liposuction as part of their lower body procedure. Incisions for the outer or lateral thigh lift begin at the base of the hip bone and extend horizontally across the upper buttock crease around to the other side and end at the opposite hip bone. Some patients desire a fat transfer to their buttocks to create more flattering curves in this area.

The lateral and buttocks lift are often combined with a tummy tuck to also address excess and sagging skin in the abdomen and waist. A medial thigh lift corrects excess skin in the inner thigh area and can be done as a single procedure or in combination with a lateral thigh. In the case of patients with excess fat, Curved Liposuction may be required beforehand to debulk and contour the inner thigh area. For Newport Beach lower body lift patients with mild to moderate excess fat, Curved Liposuction can be done at the same time as a medial thigh lift. The incision begins at the hip bone as in a lateral thigh lift and extends down to the groin area then wraps around and tucks up behind the buttocks crease where it is hidden. In the case of extreme weight loss patients or those patients with excess skin that hangs and collects in the knee area, an additional incision that runs along the inner thigh is also required.

Preparing for your Lower Body Lift

Depending on the severity of the skin laxity, the quality of the skin, and the amount of excess skin and fat, some patients may require multiple surgeries to achieve their desired results. Many patients wish to combine a lower body lift with another surgery like a tummy tuck or a breast lift. Dr. Anton will discuss what are realistic expectations for you during your consultation.

Once you have decided to have surgery and have chosen a date, we schedule your pre-operative appointment in our office with one of our Surgical Patient Coordinators, approximately one month before your lower body lift. During this time, you will be given instructions to follow in the days and weeks leading up to surgery, including a list of all medications to avoid before surgery.

It is important to inform your Surgical Patient Coordinator of all medications you are currently taking along with your current medical history. You will also be instructed on the lab tests required to ensure your safety as a surgery patient including blood work and in the case of patients 50 years or older, an EKG. A mammogram will also be required if you are planning on combining your lower body lift with a breast surgery like the Layered Breast Lift.

Lower Body Lift Orange County

Newport Beach Lower Body Lift - Consultation

Lower Body Lift removes excess, loose & relaxed skin around the lower body including the Buttocks, Thighs, Abdomen & Flanks resulting in a more contoured and flattering silhouette. At AestheticsMD in Newport Beach, we offer consultations with Dr. Anton to help you better understand all your options and the procedures available. Call us today or contact us online to get started.

Lower Body Lift Newport Beach

Post Surgery Expectations

Most patients wake from surgery feeling groggy, tired and just wanting to sleep. Patients undergoing a Lower Body Lift are required to spend the first night at an aftercare facility with a registered nurse or certified caregiver.

Orange County Lower Body Lift

One of our Aesthetics MD staff members assists you in making aftercare arrangements to allow for a convenient and pleasant surgical experience. Mild to moderate pain and discomfort is to be expected, however, it is usually relieved by prescribed pain medication. Overall, most patients feel their surgery was less painful than anticipated and are able to discontinue their pain medication after 4-5 days.

Initially, the lower body area can feel extremely tight and it may seem difficult to stand up straight, this will gradually subside during the healing process. You will wake from surgery wearing a compression binder. This binder is worn at all times for two weeks. You will then be instructed to change to a lighter support garment for approximately 4 more weeks.

Activities are restricted for a full two-week period following surgery including; no lifting, bending, straining of any kind. Exercise and movements involving bending and twisting at the waist will be restricted for a longer period of time. You will be advised during your post-operative appointments about these restrictions. The healing process varies from patient to patient and is decided on an individual basis.

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