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For some men and women, the first sign of premature facial aging is a furrowed brow with vertical 11 lines between the eyes and horizontal worry lines on the forehead that cause facial expressions to begin to look grumpy or stressed.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

These lines are most easily treated with a neuromodulator like Botox that paralyzes the muscles that cause these problems, but when they are combined with droopy eyebrows, a brow lift becomes the treatment of choice.

Frown lines between the brows can make us appear angry or disgruntled. Skin laxity may cause the eyebrows to droop, hooding the upper eyelids and imparting an appearance of exhaustion, while at once also subtly obstructing our field of vision, making it more difficult to see. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that delivers long lasting and more dramatic results in the brows that are vitally important in framing the eyes.

The brow area projects how fresh, alert, and relaxed we appear. A scrunched-up brow is a symbol of stress or distress, and it projects a negative first impression when people see it. Fortunately, a brow lift procedure can restore a smooth and relaxed appearance to the upper facial region, making you look younger and more refreshed.

Brow Lift Newport Beach

Newport Beach Brow Lift Procedures

Why Consider a Brow Lift?

There are many reasons to consider a brow lift or forehead lift procedure.

Newport Beach Brow Lift Brow Lift Newport Beach

You may be contemplating a brow lift to restore a more youthful appearance to your upper facial region. In some cases, sagging brows may become cumbersome and heavy, and in extremer cases can cause obstructions to your sight if they sag enough to affect your eyelids and field of vision. A forehead lift is typically performed on patients who seek to achieve the following facial improvements:

    • Smoothing lines and wrinkles that extends horizontally across the forehead, between the eyes, and on the upper bridge of the nose
    • Diminishing the appearance of vertical frown lines that form in the center of the eyebrows
    • Lifting thick, sagging brows that may be causing hoods on the upper eyelids
    • Smoothing and lifting wrinkled, sagging eyebrows so that they appear more youthful

Preparing for Your Brow or Forehead Lift

In preparing for brow lift surgery, you will be required to:

  • Undergo lab testing 
  • Suspend or take certain medications, or adjust medications, you may be currently taking
  • Quit smoking

You will also need to have someone drive you home following your procedure, as you will not be able to get operate a motor vehicle after having general anesthesia. You will also require home assistance during the first night following your brow lift surgery, to ensure your safety, as your vision may be temporarily impaired for the first 24 hours after your surgery.

Newport Beach Brow Lift

Newport Beach Brow Lift Procedures

Can I Combine a Brow Lift with Other Procedures?

Yes, there are several other cosmetic procedures that are often performed in combination with a brow lift, to achieve a more comprehensive improvement in the patient’s appearance. These procedures include:

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery

A blepharoplasty may be performed on either the upper or lower eyelids to clean up messy bags and trim away sagging skin for a more refreshed and youthful appearance in the eye region.

Facelift, or mini facelift

Depending on the extent of sagging skin you want to correct, you may opt for either a full facelift or mini facelift procedure. The full facelift is what is usually needed and it lifts the skin and deeper foundation layer (SMAS) of the entire facial region, while the mini facelift concentrates specifically on the lower face. These procedures, combined with a brow lift, can make for a total facial rejuvenation that can take years off your facial appearance.

Neck Lift

A simple neck lift procedure combined with a brow lift can refresh both the upper and lower face, achieving dramatic rejuvenation, although the best candidates for this procedure alone are few.

Skin resurfacing treatments

Laser skin resurfacing procedures may be recommended in combination with your brow lift to achieve a more comprehensive improvement of the facial skin and a more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery Newport Beach

How is a Brow or Forehead Lift Performed?

The brow lift is normally performed under general anesthesia, to ensure your full comfort during the entire surgical procedure. There are different techniques that may be used during the brow lift procedure, depending on your individual facial structure.

Brow lifts are usually performed with an endoscope (Endoscopic Brow Lift) and this only requires four small incisions (no hair shaving) behind the hairline, which are well hidden. This allows the scalp and forehead to be released and then secured up in a slightly higher position. During a brow lift Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Anton will place the brow to frame the eye with the inner brow at the boney orbital level and the outer brow above the boney rim. The brow curve should extend the nasal lines up and over the eye to gracefully frame the eye.

The brow is sutured in position with various techniques and this also helps smooth out the forehead. The scalp incisions are closed with skin clips that are kinder to the hair foliicles.

Brow Lift Newport Beach Newport Beach Brow Lift

Brow Lift Consultation in Newport Beach

Your first step is choosing the right surgeon to perform your brow lift Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Anton is renowned for his excellence in facial surgery procedures like the brow or forehead lift. Dr. Anton performs brow lift surgery in a licensed and accredited surgical facility, as recommended by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. During your consultation, Dr. Anton can help you to determine if a brow lift is the right choice for you.

Call us today or contact us online to get started.

Brow Lift Procedures

Brow Lift Recovery

Results typically appear over the course of a few weeks, as swelling and bruising subside, revealing a smoother and more toned forehead, with taut, firm skin and a more youthful, alert, and refreshed appearance.

Brow Lift Newport Beach

Following your brow lift procedure, your forehead may be taped and your head may be loosely bandaged to reduce swelling and bruising. Dr. Anton will provide specific, detailed post-operative care instructions that you must follow, including such particulars as:

  • Instructions on caring for the surgical wound site and drains
  • Medications that you may apply or take orally to alleviate discomfort
  • Signs to watch for at the surgical site or in your general condition that may signal a need to call your doctor
  • Your succeeding follow-up appointment with Dr. Anton

During the recovery period, you will have to keep your head elevated and refrain from vigorous physical activity for a couple weeks. Showers may be taken the following day. Avoid using ice packs or heating pads on the surgical site area. Dr. Anton will recommend any necessary medication to alleviate physical discomfort during the first few days following the procedure.

Initial healing following the brow lift procedure may take about 10 to 14 days. Most Newport Beach brow lift patients can resume work and normal activity after 7-10 days. Makeup can help camouflage any bruising during the second phase of your healing process. Full recovery from brow lift surgery may take as long as several weeks.

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