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For some women, large breasts feel like more of a curse than a blessing. Large breasts can make it hard to lose weight, exercise, and wear trendy fashions.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

They affect posture and can leave deep shoulder grooves from bra straps. Large breasts can also pose health risks by causing migraine headaches; compress nerve pathways that lead to numbness in the breasts, arms, hands, and fingers; and cause chronic neck and back pain. A breast reduction can correct these symptoms by removing breast tissue, lifting and tightening the skin to create smaller breasts.

A lot of women with excessively large breasts confide in their primary care physician or OB/GYN about their desire to have smaller breasts. Some women have seen chiropractors or physical therapists to help them posture and alignment and manage back and neck pain associated with large breasts. It can be especially challenging for women to manage their weight when their breasts are too large and no matter how much weight they lose overall it never affects the size of their breasts.

While treating the symptoms may help alleviate the pain and suffering caused by large breasts, it does not resolve the problem. A breast reduction permanently removes breast tissue to reduce the overall size of the breast. This improves a woman’s appearance and most importantly the quality of her life. Dr. Anton’s signature Layered Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissue and lifts breasts by creating both an internal (dermal) and external (skin) lift with Nipple Areolar (N/A) Complex repositioning.

Breast Reduction Newport Beach

Dr. Anton is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Castle Connolly Top Doctor and completed a Breast Fellowship before starting his practice in Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Anton along with Dr. Hartrampf, father of the modern-day breast reconstruction, created the Star Flap Nipple Reconstruction, which is still considered the most popular and widely used technique in nipple and breast reconstruction surgery today.

Additionally, Dr. Anton was one of thirty-five physicians across the country to participate in a 10-year study to determine the safety of silicone implants. His findings, along with those of his colleagues were reported to the U.S. Institutional Review Board, which in 1997 determined silicone implants to be safe to women’s health.

Today, Dr. Anton continues to be on the cutting edge of breast implant safety. He remains confident that smooth silicone gel implants are safe and do not pose any additional risk to women's health. As Dr. Anton explains to his patients, silicone is used in all kinds of medical devices including cheek and chin implants, joint replacements, contraceptive diaphragms, shunts, pumps, and other various medical devices.

Newport Beach Breast Reduction

Preparing for Surgery

During your consultation with Dr. Anton and throughout the pre-operative process, you will discuss your preference of size, shape and volume.

Newport Beach Breast Reduction Breast Reduction Orange County

Expectations and what is realistic based on you pre-operative breast size and quality of skin will be addressed. This is a personal and individualized process for each patient.

During your pre-op appointment with one of the Clinical Patient Coordinators you will be instructed on how to prepare for your surgery, what medications and supplements to avoid, and receive your pre-op lab order along with any prescriptions. On the day of your surgery, you will arrive at the surgery center one hour before to prepare for the procedure, which generally takes between four and five hours.

Breast Reduction Surgery Insurance Coverage

Many women seeking a breast reduction ask about insurance coverage. Dr. Anton is not a network provider for any insurance carriers.

Out of network benefits may cover breast reduction; however, the guidelines are very strict and pre-authorization must be obtained before surgery. If you are considering a breast reduction through your insurance company, it is advisable to consult with your insurance carrier about your benefits. Our office staff offers assistance in working with your insurance carrier by providing medical codes for billing purposes, but we do not file insurance claims on behalf of our patients.

Orange County Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Orange County

Breast Reduction Procedure

During your surgery, excess breast tissue is excised primarily from the lower breast pole (the area between the nipple and the breast fold). Removing breast tissue from the lower breast optimizes the blood supply to the nipple-areolar complex and reduces the risk of tissue and nipple loss.

Once the majority of excess breast tissue has been excised, liposuction further sculpts and shapes the breast into its smaller, more desired form. Internally, Dr. Anton creates a “support bra” by tightening and suturing the dermis (the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis which forms the true skin).

The thickness and integrity of the dermis allow it to hold the breast shape, which further supports the external lifting of the skin. Once the internal dermal sling has been sutured into place, Dr. Anton removes excess skin from the lower breast pole. Incisions for a breast reduction run along the border of the N/A complex, vertically down to the breast fold and horizontally under the inframammary fold (IMF) in what is known as an anchor incision.

The length of the IMF incision depends on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed to achieve the patient’s desired and most natural appearance. Nipple size and shape is also addressed in a breast reduction. Large areolas can be made smaller and repositioned for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Anton does not use drains in his breast reduction procedures. He opposes the use of drains as they are a vehicle for bacteria to enter the body and this can lead to postoperative complications like scarring and infection.

Instead, Dr. Anton cauterizes blood vessels and creates tiny blood clots to mimic the body’s own natural healing response. In addition, Dr. Anton suggests Exparel, an intra-operative pain medication that numbs the treated area for up to 4 days postoperatively, which dramatically reduces pain and discomfort in the healing process. Breast Reduction surgery is performed in an accredited outpatient facility under general anesthesia using only Board-Certified Anesthesiologists.

Newport Beach Breast Reduction Consultation

A Breast Reduction is a popular way to achieve natural-looking, aesthetic appearance to your breasts. Patients who feel self-conscious about the size of there bust or who experience negative effects of Macromastia should consider a Breast Reduction procedure. At AestheticsMD in Newport Beach Breast Reduction may be the right choice for you. We offer consultations at our facility to help you better understand all your options and the procedures available. Call us today or contact us online to get started.

Breast Reduction Newport Beach

Breast Reduction Recovery

Patients go home the same day of surgery to rest and recover.

Breast Reduction Newport Beach

You will leave the surgery center wearing a support bra and surgical tape over the incision areas. All sutures are internal and absorbable. Patients report mild to moderate pain that is easily managed with pain medication for the first few days after surgery.

As with any surgery, it is important to honor the body's healing time and follow all postoperative instructions. For the first two weeks, all patients are instructed to abstain from any activity that raises heart rate or blood pressure including:

  • exercise of any kind
  • sex
  • stress or anxiety
  • lifting or straining
  • some daily activities

Breast Reduction Newport Beach

After Surgery

After surgery, you will immediately notice a big change in your breast size. Swelling can get worse over the first several days but in most cases is resolved between four and six weeks.

Slight swelling can continue for the next few months as breasts continue to heal. Some of our Newport Beach breast reduction patients find this difficult because they are used to a very busy lifestyle.

It cannot be emphasized enough that the body needs time and rest after surgery to heal properly and minimize post-surgery complications and risks. We advise planning for your downtime by getting a list of your favorite movies or programs to watch, finding a good book or Audible, stocking the frig with healthy food choices like bone broth and fresh fruits and veggies for smoothies. For some patients, it helps to think of post-surgical downtime as self-care time. You will help minimize certain risks by following the advice and instructions of your surgeon, both before and after your breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Newport Beach Breast Reduction Orange County

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