Breast Implant Removalin Newport Beach

With more than 25 years of experience as a Newport Beach plastic surgeon serving Orange County and nearby Los Angeles, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark A. Anton, MD FACS can help you decide if breast implant removal is in your best interest.

As the Founder of Aesthetics MD and having completed a Breast Fellowship in cosmetic and breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. Anton is consistently ranked as a top plastic surgeon for Newport Beach breast implant removal, augmentation, and breast lift procedures, as well as other cosmetic surgeries for the face and body.

What is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal (explant surgery) refers to the removal of your existing saline or silicone breast implants, with or without replacement.

Removal can be for anything from an issue with your current implants to a change in lifestyle or aesthetics. During your breast implant removal Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anton will use a technique that does not require post-operative drains to be placed, either with or without a breast lift.

Breast Implant Removal Newport Beach

Newport Beach Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal Procedure

Explant surgery is an outpatient procedure. Dr. Anton determines the best surgical technique for your individual needs relying on his years of plastic surgical experience. With a small incision (typically hidden in the inframammary fold), he extracts the implant and if appropriate the capsule. He may remove scar tissue as needed. Depending on what you discussed during your consultation, he may also perform a breast lift, breast implant revision, or both. Some patients choose not to replace their implants. Most of our Newport Beach breast implant removal patients who choose to remove their implants or reduce the size of their implants will require a breast lift for a natural looking more youthful breast.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery

Dr. Anton specializes in a drain-free breast implant removal technique. As a result, there is no need to wear drains after surgery. Drains are a possible source of infection and can be uncomfortable, so most patients find this a significant benefit.

You may need to wear a compression garment or surgical bra for several weeks following surgery. Swelling is pronounced initially and subsides over a few weeks to months. Any bruising typically resolves in approximately two to four weeks.

Post-operative discomfort is likely to be mild to moderate. We offer prescribed medications to help control pain. Most patients find the implant removal surgery less painful than the initial implant placement. Recovery follows a similar trajectory.

Most patients return home from the surgical center the same day. It is possible to return to work in approximately one to two weeks depending on the physical demands of your job. Downtime may vary if you undergo a combination of procedures. The incision flattens and softens in a few weeks. The scar can take a year or more to fade.

Newport Beach Breast Implant Removal

Newport Beach Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal Results

After making a full recovery, you can begin enjoying life with a notably improved breast contour and freedom from your old implants.

See results on real patients in the online gallery:

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Call (949) 722-1967 or fill out the contact form to book a consultation. Together, you and Dr. Anton will go over all the options that are available to you. Aesthetics MD also offers virtual consultations for your safety and convenience.

Explant Surgery FAQs

Nationally, the average breast implant removal cost ranges from $5,025 to $10,575. The price can vary significantly based on the surgeon’s experience, surgical facility fees, and whether accompanying procedures such as a capsulectomy, breast lift, or implant replacement take place at the same time.

Although most patients pay out of pocket, explant surgery due to capsular contracture may be covered by some insurance policies.

Reimbursement for part of the surgery may apply if your breast implants are still under warranty. All FDA-approved breast implants in the United States come with a warranty. Most warranties are limited to a term of 10 years or less. Each manufacturer has its own stipulations. Warranty coverage for breast implant leakage in the first ten years is the most common item covered. Capsular contracture and other conditions occurring within that timeframe may or may not be covered.

Some patients choose to undergo an explant surgery to remove breast implants without replacement. However, this is not your only option. You can choose to have implant removal and a breast lift to make your breasts smaller and perkier. You can also have your implants removed, and new implants added with what is known as an implant exchange. Implant replacement and lifting is also possible with breast augmentation mastopexy. Dr. Anton is highly skilled in all forms of cosmetic breast surgery and is considered an authority in this field. He will help you make sense of the different options at your consultation.

You can return to light job duties in approximately one week. Physically demanding careers that require heavy lifting, for example, can resume work in approximately four to six weeks.

You cannot drive home from the hospital as your procedure involves general anesthesia. Someone must be present to drive you home. Driving is possible after 24 hours or whenever you feel safe behind the wheel after that. If you are prescribed pain medications, please check the label for warnings about driving and grogginess and follow the advisories as indicated.

Breast implant-related illness (BII) is real but rare. This is an umbrella term that denotes a wide range of symptoms that can occur due to breast implants. Abnormalities in the tissues that surround the implant can rarely spread to the lymphatic system and lymph nodes. The main symptoms of autoimmune breast implant illness may include chronic unexplained fatigue, myalgia, dry mouth or eyes, pyrexia, and cognitive impairment. These symptoms are general, making diagnosis difficult. After ruling out other factors, you may consider implant removal whether or not you have a diagnosis.

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