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As the face ages it loses its fullness, becomes more hollowed in areas, collagen breaks down forming fine lines and wrinkles, and facial bones begin to shift.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Part of having a youthful appearance includes having an inverted triangle shape in the face, where fullness is concentrated around the cheek and temple regions. However, as time passes and the face’s fat pads start to shift while the skin loses some of its elasticity, the lower half of the face becomes more full, or instead the face can gradually narrow, creating a more drawn-out, longer appearance. One effective way to revitalize your look is to restore the volume the skin has naturally lost.

It may come as a surprise, but collagen, a crucial protein in our facial skin, begins breaking down as early as age 20. By the time we reach 50, there's a noticeable 30% reduction in overall collagen levels. Collagen is a fibrous protein located deep within the dermis, providing structural support and aiding the functions of hyaluronic acid and elastin. Elastin is known for providing elasticity and helping the skin maintain its shape and youthful resilience. Hyaluronic acid (HA) plays a crucial role in cushioning and moisturizing the skin, ensuring it remains well-hydrated. Increasing collagen levels contributes to greater HA and elastin presence, a vital part of achieving skin that not only looks but also feels and behaves more youthful.

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