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Aesthetics MD in Newport Beach is the first plastic surgery practice in OC to offer Hycoox dermal skin therapy, an innovative treatment for skin rejuvenation. As an innovator and leader in the aesthetic industry, Dr. Mark Anton is passionate about offering the most modern non-surgical technologies and products available to his patients in order to achieve stunning and superior aesthetic results with minimal downtime.

What is Hycoox?

Hycoox is an innovative technology that feeds and nourishes the skin from within by creating microchannels to deliver a customized skin cocktail into the mesoderm (middle) layer of the skin. Unlike other microneedling devices, Hycoox injects a solution into the skin directly. Injections are calibrated to deliver the right and perfect amount of solution every time. Via its multi-injection approach, any kind of injectable, including neuromodulators (Botox), hyaluronic acid (fillers), exosomes, PRF, and other bio-stimulating solutions, can be delivered into the skin with accurate depth and dosage. Treatment time is 1 hour, including 30 minutes to numb prior to the procedure. After treatment, expect to be slightly red for up to 24 hours. We advise not applying makeup until the next day after treatment.

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Am I a candidate for Hycoox?

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Since Hycoox is a wonderful complementary addition to any of our skin cocktails, anyone who is eligible for these treatments is likely a great candidate for the added benefits of Hycoox. Those who are seeking anti-aging, firming, and regenerative skin services can enjoy a heightened aesthetic experience with Hycoox.

Consultation and Preparation

At AestheticsMD, we are all about customization and finding the perfect treatment just for you. Our wide array of injectables and skin cocktails means that there's an option for everyone to fit exactly what they need. With the addition of Hycoox, the depth and volume of serum can be fine-tuned to exactly what your skin requires. During your consultation for Hycoox Newport Beach aesthetic experts will examine your skin, discuss your aesthetic treatment history, and talk about your aesthetic goals.

Prior to your treatment, we will ask that you take a few steps to prepare. These may include avoiding blood thinning medications, including NSAIDs, refraining from alcohol for several days, and staying hydrated. We might also recommend certain supplements before or after treatment that will help keep bruising to a minimum and generally accelerate your rejuvenation.

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Hycoox Skin Cocktail Menu

We offer a skin concoction perfect for your skin needs! Our expert aesthetic nurses are skilled and experienced at blending a variety of serums for ultimate rejuvenation.

Golden Hour

Be seen in your best light with this mixed cocktail of HA, amino acids, minerals, and Coenzyme. This treatment quenches your skin's thirst, brightens, tones, and adds firmness to the skin.


All eyes are on you. The last thing you want them to see is uneven pigment. This advanced whitening cocktail mixes five brightening peptides to lighten existing brown spots and prevent new ones from occurring.

Mr. Demille

When you are ready for your close-up, you want your skin looking smooth and firm. This advanced skin-firming cocktail combines power-packed collagen stimulators to restore firmness and add lift so you are always camera ready.

Magic Molecules

PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) is one of our most popular skin cocktails because. Our nurseologist draws your blood to concoct the perfect rejuvenation cocktail. This treatment requires you to hydrate very well the days before your treatment and avoid caffeine the day of your appointment.

Happy Hour

Let our nurseologist concoct a skin drink customized to your skin's specific needs.

Time Machine

Step into a time machine and come out looking 10 years younger with this microtox cocktail. Our nurseologist combines a neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport with a peptide combo to concoct the perfect treatment to look your best. Never frozen. Just flawless. Perfect treatment before a big event!


Looking for the right amount of skin plump? Not overfilled, but the perfect thin layer of Cush that softens your complexion and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Our nurseologist combines a micro-amount of neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport with an HA dermal filler or Sculptra and a splash of Vitamin C.

Fountain of Youth

This supercharged skin cocktail mixes exosomes with a microdose of a neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport and an HA dermal filler for the perfect skin rejuvenation solution. Our exosomes pack a powerful punch of growth factors and collagen directly into the skin cells to stimulate a restorative response that continues to improve weeks after treatment.

Hair-ya Grow

Grow and thicken your hair with a combination of concoctions from peptides to PRF to exosomes to a mighty mix of all three.


At your appointment in one of our luxurious treatment rooms, we will start by making sure you are comfortable and that your skin is cleansed. Most patients prefer a topical numbing cream be applied 30 minutes prior to treatment for optimal comfort. Your trained technician and Hycoox mixologist will then load the serum syringe into the pen-like headpiece of the Hycoox and program the unit for a completely customized, automated, or manual administration of neuromodulator, HA, PRF, biostimulator, or any other compatible injectable. Hycoox treatments typically take 1 hour.

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Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Hycoox is similar to other microneedling treatments like Skin Pen in terms of recovery. Your face will be pink to slightly red immediately after treatment. We apply a soothing mask after the procedure, followed by a light layer of HA like our CORE raindrops to calm the skin. We recommend not washing your face, applying makeup, or any skin care products, including sunscreen, until the next morning. The next day, your skin can look slightly swollen and present with tiny red marks from the injection sites. In rare cases, some slight bruising can occur in areas where tissues are thin, such as the under eyes. If you have sensitive skin, our nurse can customize your Hycoox setting to limit any post-procedural side effects.

Why choose AestheticsMD?

Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Anton and backed by a dedicated, experienced team, AestheticsMD is your premier choice for aesthetic treatment in Newport Beach. Featured in Southern California and Orange Coast Top Doctors Magazines along with Southwest Magazine, Riviera Magazine, and on Real Housewives of Orange County, Dr. Anton is highly sought-after and ensures that each of his patients receives top-quality care and stunning aesthetic results.

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Hycoox FAQs

Is Hycoox painful?

The Hycoox system was designed to be less painful than traditional injections, and most patients find it to be very comfortable.

What are the risks associated with Hycoox?

While Hycoox is very low risk, possible side effects that can come with any injection include bleeding or bruising.

Is Hycoox permanent?

Hycoox is used to administer other treatments, such as fillers, so how long results last depend on the product that is being injected.

Will Hycoox work with my skin type?

Yes, this method is safe and works for any skin type or tone.

How much does Hycoox cost?

The cost varies depending on the primary treatment that Hycoox is being used to administer.

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