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Certain features, like those on your face and head, can often draw people’s attention when making first impressions or having conversations.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

If they are disproportionate or have some imperfections, it can often be the first thing people notice. In many cases, this can cause individuals, especially children, to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance.

The ears, for example, are often a target of ridicule or teasing when they are too large or protrude noticeably from the head. For some patients, this can be disheartening and distract from their appearance. It can also cause discomfort when sleeping, wearing hats, or when wearing jewelry like earrings. Otoplasty can be an excellent way to address this common concern and help achieve a more balanced profile.

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Most patients wake from surgery feeling tired and groggy. Your head and ears will be wrapped in an ace bandage type of garment. Swelling is to be expected and is most prominent immediately after the surgery, gradually subsiding throughout the post-operative process. Mild to moderate pain is to be expected, however, prescription pain medication usually alleviates it.

Most of our Newport Beach Otoplasty patients feel their surgery was less painful than anticipated and may discontinue their pain medication after 4-5 days. Your activities will be restricted for a full two-week period including; no lifting, bending or straining of any kind. You will be advised during your post-operative appointments regarding these restrictions. The healing process varies from patient to patient and the activity level is decided on an individual basis.

Newport Beach Otoplasty

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a medical term that refers to ear surgery. Patients typically undergo this procedure for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, as it can help correct the size and shape of the ears. Otoplasty is considered a type of plastic surgery, and should only be performed by a physician with experience in this area.

Otoplasty Newport Beach

Doctors and surgeons may also recommend this treatment to children or adults with ears that are misshapen due to genetic defects, injury, or body modifications. In some cases, otoplasty may be used to correct part of the ear, like the lobe or cartilage, to achieve a more harmonious appearance.

Patients who are unhappy with the way their ears appear may find that otoplasty provides them with a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence. It can allow some patients to feel more empowered with a short hair cut or wearing earrings. The benefits of an otoplasty typically include:

  • More proportionate ear shape and size
  • Reduced appearance of tips that fold forward and down, known as “lop ear”
  • Correction of an irregular outer ear curve, known as a “shell ear”
  • Fixes issues associated with a diminutive ear shape, known as “cupped ear”
  • Helps patients with birth defects and trauma achieve a “normal” ear shape and size
  • Restructure ear lobes that are stretched, ripped, or damaged

Types of Anesthesia Used During Otoplasty

The type of anesthesia your surgeon uses during ear surgery may vary with a few factors. In particular, the age of the patient will be taken into consideration first, as well as the extent of treatment required. In general, Dr. Anton recommends using general anesthesia on children, as it makes the entire process easier and less traumatic for them. For adults, if the amount of surgery desired is extensive, Dr. Anton will recommend general anesthesia in these cases, as well. However, it is not uncommon for adults to undergo otoplasty surgery with local anesthesia and a sedative.

Newport Beach Otoplasty

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Preparing for Otoplasty

During your consultation for an otoplasty Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Anton will go over your expectations and questions will be addressed. Planning a convenient time to have the procedure is usually the most difficult part of the surgery process for the patient. It is ideal to plan this procedure eight weeks or more before an important social event like a wedding or reunion. Generally, after two weeks most of the swelling will subside.

It is recommended for you to plan ahead to ensure that someone will be available to take you home after surgery or help you around the house if needed. In most cases, our Newport Beach otoplasty patients will simply feel groggy after their procedure, but it is important to be prepared in the event that you have small children or responsibilities that need attending in the first few days. Patients are advised to fill any prescriptions and stock up on comfort foods and plenty of blankets beforehand to avoid any need to stress or go out during recovery.

Before your otoplasty, Dr. Anton will answer any questions or concerns you may have. He will also review the surgical procedure to ensure that you fully understand what will occur. During otoplasty you will be placed under local or general anesthesia, which will be discussed beforehand, and the incisions will be made. Depending on the area being corrected, your surgeon may opt to make an incision on the backs of your ears or within the inner creases. The goal is to help ensure they are concealed along the natural contours of your body to reduce visible scarring.

Consultation for Otoplasty in Newport Beach, CA

If you are considering ear surgery for you or a loved one, the first step is to schedule a consultation with our qualified surgeon. Dr. Mark A. Anton is a board certified plastic surgeon offering his services to the residents and visitors of Newport Beach and the surrounding communities in California. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Otoplasty & Insurance

In most cases, cosmetic surgery like otoplasty is considered an elective procedure. As such, medical insurance generally does not cover it.

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This may vary for children, especially if the procedure is being performed to correct an underlying medical concern or injury. Talking to your insurance provider and plastic surgery facility can help you determine whether insurance is an option.

If not, you may opt for a surgeon that accepts or offers financing solutions, including Prosper Health Care, Care Credit, or Alphaeon Credit. At Aesthetics MD, we offer diverse payment options and accept most major credit cards to help provide more affordable options to our patients.

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