Brazilian Butt Lift in Newport Beach

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat grafting procedure that combines liposuction techniques with fat transfers to target two different concerns that often trouble younger patients.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

To begin fat will be harvested from certain areas throughout your body. This is done using liposuction, and popular donor areas include locations that tend to develop stubborn pockets of fat, i.e., the thighs, flanks, and stomach.

Once harvested, the donor fat is purified and prepared for injection. During your consultation for a Brazilian butt lift Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Anton will discuss where the injections will be administered, so you can ensure the results are proportionate, flatter, and natural-looking.

The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, although local numbing techniques may be used for smaller areas. Your surgeon will make small incisions for liposuction and injection, and they will be closed with stitches or sutures. A compression garment may also be applied to reduce bleeding and encourage rapid healing.

Brazilian Butt Lift Newport Beach

Cosmetic body contouring procedures are an excellent approach to achieving a flattering, sculpted body. Patients who feel self-conscious about certain areas of their body; their buttocks, or midsection, can utilize incredible procedures like a Brazilian Butt Lift to help address these common problem areas. Using different cosmetic surgery techniques, a qualified surgeon can trim away excess skin, unwanted fat, and recontour the silhouette.

As we age, our bodies tend to lose their tight and toned appearance. Weight fluctuations, hormonal shifts, pregnancy, childbirth, and lifestyle changes can all have an impact on the way we look and feel. In particular, some patients find they don’t feel comfortable in certain clothing or during intimate moments. The BBL procedure is a versatile one, so it can be customized to suit the various needs of each patient individually.

Newport Beach Brazilian Butt Lift

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

Our genetics tend to dictate the shape, size, and contours of our bodies. For some patients, this can be a disproportionate appearance. For others, it may be lacking in certain areas; the hips, waist, or in this case, the buttocks.

Newport Beach Brazilian Butt Lift BBL Newport Beach

The way our bodies store fat can vary for everyone, so some patients may experience weight gain in unflattering areas while others struggle to maintain a rounder appearance in others. While diet and exercise can help enhance and sculpt your figure, certain areas — as the buttocks or thighs — may still be petite or deflated.

A Brazilian butt lift helps address these common aesthetic concerns in patients. It can also have lower risks associated with the procedure when compared to implant surgery, plus reduced downtime. Plus, since the procedure calls for liposuction, our Newport Beach Brazilian butt lift patients can target stubborn areas and achieve a slimmer figure and appearance.

Are Fat Transfers Permanent?

The effects of a fat grafting procedure like a Brazilian butt lift are intended to be long-term but are considered semi-permanent, as the body stores fat in various ways, their form can change over time. Typically, a majority of fat transferred during the procedure is retained by patients after the BBL, but it is common for absorption to occur over time. Additionally, fat cells removed during the liposuction treatment will not return, but you can accumulate new fat deposits over time. Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and good eating habits helps extend the life of your results.

Newport Beach BBL

BBL Surgery Orange County

Brazilian butt lift Results

“When will I achieve the full results from a BBL?” is a common question. The recovery and healing time for each patient following a BBL will vary according to the extent of treatment, amount of fat harvested, and genetic inclination.

The results of your fat transfer procedure can start to become visible almost immediately after your procedure, however, they may fluctuate throughout the healing process. Because you will likely experience some swelling and inflammation around the treated areas, the final results of your BBL can take months to fully appear. It is not uncommon for some fat grafted into the area to be reabsorbed by the body and discarded. Your surgeon can take this into account and offer techniques to help you achieve your desired results. Generally speaking, patients can expect to achieve their final results at around four to six months after their BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift Orange County Orange County Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift is a popular way to enhance the natural curvature of your body without plastic surgery! Patients who want to achieve a rounder, more voluminous backside can consider the procedure to help achieve a more flattering figure. At Aesthetics MD in Newport Beach, we offer this procedure to adults who are excellent candidates and wish to see an improvement in this aspect of their lives. We offer consultations at our facility to help patients better understand if a BBL is the right choice for them. Call us today or contact us online to get started!

Brazilian Butt Lift Newport Beach

Brazilian butt lift Recovery

What Can Be Expected from the Recovery Procedure? Patients will need to downtime to properly recover following a Brazilian butt lift.

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During the liposuction and injection process, your surgeon will make small incisions, so it is important to listen to any instructions carefully to reduce your risk of infection or side effects related to the Brazilian butt lift. You will be fitted with a compression garment, which should be worn for up to eight weeks, depending on your surgeon’s instructions. This helps with inflammation and bleeding and help the areas heal properly.

The first week after a BBL should be spent away from work and carefully resting. The most important instruction that patients will need to follow is avoiding sitting or sleeping on their buttocks for several weeks. You’ll be provided with tips on how to comfortably sit, drive, and lay in bed, so be sure to adhere closely to your surgeon’s advice! Most patients return to work within one to two weeks. It is recommended you avoid any strenuous activities, exercise, or heavy lifting for six to eight weeks after a Brazilian butt lift.

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