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There is a new weapon in the struggle against excess fat beneath your chin, or submental fat, more commonly known as a double chin.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Kybella injections are an excellent solution for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their jawline profile. The procedure uses a powerful solution, known as deoxycholic acid, to help target the excess pockets of fat that form beneath the chin and around the jawline.

Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in our bodies to help break down fat. Kybella treatments help significantly reduce the appearance of a double chin. Plus, the procedure targets and eliminates the submental fat cells, preventing them from reforming. Our Newport Beach Kybella patients can enjoy a more flattering facial profile.

Kybella Newport Beach

For many adults, submental fat - or fat that develops beneath the chin - can be difficult to address. It can develop for various reasons, including weight gain, hormonal changes, or as a natural side effect of aging.

Unfortunately, submental fat can be difficult to treat without cosmetic enhancement such as Curved Liposuction, since many diets or exercises don’t target this unique area. Kybella treatments help provide a long-lasting solution without needing extensive surgery.

Kybella Newport Beach

How Kybella Works

The active ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid. This is a naturally occurring compound that works to break down and destroy fat cells.

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Using a method, similar to fillers or Botox, Kybella is injected directly into the fat, which allows the deoxycholic acid to target the unwanted cells in the area. The procedure can successfully eradicate these fat cells, which your body eliminates through the lymphatic system. The best part is, once the cells are successfully destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat.

Kybella is the only FDA-approved Injectable for the treatment of submental fat in adults. When administered properly by a licensed professional, Kybella helps sharpen the contours of your jaw and neck. For some of our Newport Beach Kybella patients, other stubborn pockets of fat throughout the body can be targeted, such as near the chest and armpit area.

Kybella Downtime

Even though Kybella is a non-surgical treatment it does produce significant swelling in the treated areas. Most patients prefer to schedule a few days off work and their regular social calendar after a Kybella treatment.

It is normal to experience some redness and swelling after Injectables. With Kybella, it can last up to four weeks, though most patients note that with ice and cold compresses, bruising or inflammation tend to subside within the first two weeks. It is advised that you wait at least a month between treatments. Patients should also avoid strenuous activity and direct sunlight for the first 48 hours following your appointment.

Orange County Kybella

Kybella Treatments Areas

Kybella is the only FDA-approved Injectable for the treatment of submental fat in adults. When administered properly by a licensed professional, Kybella helps sharpen the contours of your jaw and neck. For some patients, Kybella can also target other stubborn pockets of fat throughout the body, such as near the chest, armpit and braw line area.

Consultation for Kybella in Newport Beach, CA

Interested in starting Kybella treatments to help address submental fat? Finding a qualified plastic surgery team with experience can help ensure you receive high-quality treatments and results.

At Aesthetics MD we strive to offer the best Body FX in Newport Beach. We provide consultations to help you get a better understanding of the best options for you. Call us today or contact us online to get started.

Kybella Orange County

Kybella Procedure

Kybella Newport Beach Kybella Newport Beach

Kybella is an injectable procedure and it can often be performed in under an hour. The solution is injected directly into the target area using an ultra-thin needle. Typically, treatments involve making multiple small injections throughout the area. Following the initial treatment, patients will start to see the fat slowly decrease over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

A minimum of two Kybella treatments is required and up to four may be needed to achieve desired results. It is recommended to return for multiple sessions every 6 weeks until you achieve the desired result. Plus, with injectable treatments, our Kybella patients can avoid visible scarring or post-treatment surgical garments.

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