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In 2008, NeoGraft was introduced to eliminate the need for a large incision and scar from FUT. It is a significant advance over manual FUE extraction and implantation.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Neograft is a hand-held tool used to perform FUE and can accomplish all that manual FUE does but with more precision, and no risk of punch scarring in the donor area. It is efficient and cost-effective in the hands of a plastic surgeon.

Hair must be harvested from an area at the back of the scalp, but with Neograft it can be done without incisions, scalpels, or sutures. Neograft provides precise graft harvesting and transplantation. All of which can be accomplished with minimal discomfort, without incisions and scars, and little to no downtime. In the hands of an expert, the results are amazing.

Drs. Anton and Ebizadeh are hair restoration experts who understand the subtle distinctions and artistry that create the most natural-looking results. They and their experienced team are dedicated to providing you with confidence-boosting, youth-enhancing results. When you are concerned about your hair, contact Strand MD in Newport Beach, California to schedule a consultation and learn about your options.

NeoGraft Newport Beach

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NeoGraft Procedure

Neograft is a hand-held device used to perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and can accomplish all that manual FUE does with more precision and no risk of punch scarring in the donor area.

It is efficient and cost-effective in the hands of Dr. Mark Anton and Dr. Peter Ebizadeh. Neograft is a significant improvement over manual FUE. The procedure is minimally invasive FUE that does not require stitches, staples, sutures or use of a scalpel. Recovery is quick with minimal discomfort. You can regain your natural hairline and fill in those thinning and balding areas!


The extracted follicles are collected, laid out and separated by size. Following your artistic hair transplantation plan, the recipient sites will be prepared.


The follicles are transplanted into the balding and thinned areas. Each follicular unit is transplanted individually.


Donor’s hair is extracted at the back of your head where the hair is resistant to pattern hair loss. NeoGraft uses negative pressure to precisely and rapidly extract each follicle intact with the same consistency in direction, angle, and diameter. This consistency significantly increases graft survival and the take rate - the rate at which the implanted grafts take hold in the bald or thinned areas.

Newport Beach NeoGraft

NeoGraft FAQs

Who is a good candidate?

People in good health who have sufficient donor hair on the back of the head are good candidates. The denser your hair, the more density, and fullness you can expect from the procedure. Each follicular unit contains 3-4 hairs. Neograft is perfect for both men and women. It is also available to camouflage the scar left from strip procedures.

How long does it take to see results?

The transplanted hair grows in cycles just like the rest of your hair. After the transplants, the grafted hair will be shed within 2-3 weeks, and new growth will begin 3-4 months later.

How long will the transplanted hair last?

The new hair will last for life, but hair loss doesn’t stop so you may need future hair transplants, and possibly hair loss drugs for maintenance and to prevent further hair loss. Dr. Anton will discuss this with you. The grafts are harvested in the areas resistant to genetic hair loss, so when transplanted they will grow normally and are not susceptible to genetic hair loss.

How long does it take to heal from the procedure?

Healing only takes about a week to ten days. The hair from the donor location should grow back in about two weeks.

When will the use of Platelet Rich Plasma be recommended?

PRP is used to enhance the donor and recipient scalp to support hair growth. WE many also recommend the use of Rogaine and Finastride to help the grafted hair to grow and stabilize.

Does my head or donor area have to be shaved?

Yes, the donor area must be shaved. Regrowth depends on your hair cycles. Generally, hair grows about one half an inch per month. So, it will take about two weeks for the hair to grow enough to cover the donor site. The hair will regrow to your preferred length. In the interim, you can ask your hairstylist to trim your hair in order to blend the donor site with the surrounding hair.

When can I get a haircut?

We recommend that you wait until all the scabbing is gone to get a haircut. You may want to have a short hair cut all over, so the grafted hair grows out along with the rest of your hair. Wait at least 2 weeks after your procedure.

My hair is falling out after the procedure. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely normal. The transplanted hair will naturally shed within the first few weeks after the transplant. This is normal. Hair loss of the normal hair in the recipient area is rare. PRP injections, Rogaine and Finastride may be recommended.

If I need another NeoGraft procedure, how long must I wait?

We recommend waiting 6-8 months after the first procedure, because you may find that you do not need additional sessions! this allows time for the transplants to enter their growth phase. It can take 12-15 months for full growth of transplanted hair.

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NeoGraft Recovery

You will receive specific instructions on how to care for the recipient sites to give the grafts time to heal. Healing begins when the procedure is completed. Below is a timeline of your recovery.


Initially, there will be some mild discomfort that can be treated with prescription medication for a few days, and any discomfort after that should respond to over-the-counter pain medications.


There will be some swelling in the treated areas of the scalp and may include swelling of the forehead and around the eyes. This should resolve within a week. As healing progresses, there may be some itching, but please don’t scratch!


The donor area and the recipient sites will have some very tiny scabs that will fall off within a few days. All of this is totally normal. By the end of one week, you should be barely able to see that anything was done! You should be fully healed within one week.


The scalp area where the hair has been transplanted will be pink, and the little hairs that come from the grafts will be present for a few weeks and then shed. This is natural as the transplanted grafts go into the resting cycle.

Hair growth

After 3-4 months, these transplants will enter the growth cycle. It can take up to six months for the transplants to grow hair. We may recommend the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy about two months after your procedure to optimize the NeoGraft results.

You will receive specific instructions about how to care for the donor site. Within a few weeks the donor site hairs will grow enough to cover the extraction areas.

Going out in public

Most of our Newport Beach NeoGraft patients are comfortable going out in public three days after surgery and may be permitted to wear a hat but this should be discussed with your Strand MD surgeon in Newport Beach, California.

Drs. Anton and Ebizadeh are experts who understand beauty, and the intricacies of hair restoration. They and their experienced team are devoted to providing you with youth-enhancing results and newfound confidence.

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