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What is a follicular unit?

Follicular Unit Transplantation Newport Beach Newport Beach Follicular Unit Transplantation

Each follicular unit contains groups of 1-4 hairs, and oil glands, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles, wrapped in collagen.

The follicular unit contains layers of specialized cells that support hair growth. There is a bulge that contains a nest of stem cells for hair regeneration. And, there are skin cells. Preserving the follicular unit ensures maximum survival and growth of the transplanted hair.

The Results

There is little discomfort, and recovery is faster than with FUT. At Strand MD in Newport Beach, California, we are devoted to restoring your own natural hair with meticulous and accurate procedures that are artistically executed to deliver exceptional results

Drs. Mark Anton and Peter Ebizadeh are hair restoration experts who understands the subtle distinctions and artistry that create the most natural-looking results. They and their experienced team are dedicated to providing you with confidence-boosting, youth-enhancing results. Schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed surgeons at Strand MD to get your questions answered, and learn about your hair restoration options in Newport Beach, California.

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The evolution of transplantation

Strip transplants: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was created to improve surgical hair transplantation. Until FUT was introduced, the dominant procedure was punch extraction which was popular in the ‘80s. Punch extraction created unacceptable cosmetic results and caused significant scarring.

The FUT procedure obtains the hair follicles from a strip of skin on the back of the head, which creates a large linear scar and requires a longer recovery.

FUE: In 2002, Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) was introduced to eliminate the need for a large incision and scar. It is minimally invasive and is used to harvest and transplant individual follicular units. Extracting follicular units make the for natural-looking results. The surgeon uses a tool to assist with the extraction process. There is no consensus on the best tool(s) for this purpose. But, the extraction process is delicate and FUE has been associated with damage to the extracted follicles.

FUE requires considerable time and expense to learn and acquire the skills and techniques that will meet the high standards required for successful transplantation. Over the years since its introduction, the process has been refined and perfected. But there may be tiny round scars in the donor area, that can be noticeable if you shave your head.

Tools don't create the best result, they just make it a bit easier for the doctor. The best outcomes are the result of your surgeon’s skills. Our Strand MD surgeons have many options for tools, but have chosen NeoGraft, which significantly improves harvesting and transplantation, reduces damage to the follicular units, and the risk of scars from the harvesting process.

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