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Strengthen Your Skin’s CORE

Two years ago, Dr. Anton set out to create a skin care line that reflected the quality of his surgery practice. It had to be results driven. It had to be value driven. It had to be safe, yet effective. In short, it had to be the best.

Today Aesthetics MD unveils CORE by Anton MD. Core stands for: Correct, Optimize, Renew, and Exfoliate.

CORE is a complete skin therapy line that addresses every skin type and most skin conditions from acne to fine lines and wrinkles. CORE Products are of pharmaceutical grade. Unlike over-the-counter products (even those expensive department store counters), CORE products are produced in an FDA-approved lab and each individual ingredient is tested.

Build Strength from the Inside Out

The idea for CORE came from the same principle that trainers have been using in the gym to get their clients into top form: Build strength from the inside out. It might seem like an oxymoron since skin care products are applied topically. However, the mark of a good skin care product is how well and how easily it is absorbed into the skin.

Take topical antioxidants as an example. Much has been studied and written about the benefits of antioxidants, like Vitamin C, for building collagen, reducing inflammation, and hydrating the skin. But not all Vitamin C serums are created equally.

Most people know you can’t rub an orange on your face and expect to see results. Some of those C serums out there deliver about the same results. The potency is in the molecular structure and stability of the Vitamin C serum to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen. CORE offers two antioxidant serums: “Zen Gel” (green tea plus vitamin C) and “Skin Envy” (CE Ferulic). Both are formulated and tested for efficacy with penetration and stability.

Love the Skin You’re In

Before launching CORE, we talked to lots of women about their skin. There was no confusion over what most women want — great skin. The confusion was in how to get it. Dr. Anton wanted to create a skin care line that eliminated product overload and brought balance back to the skin. He advocates that great skin is really balanced skin. It’s easy to tell when our skin is out of balance because it shows up on our face as breakouts, discoloration, and premature aging. We also rely on the VISIA Skin Analysis to show us skin imbalances that haven’t yet bubbled up to the surface.

The CORE skin care line focuses its implementation on the Youthful Skin Pyramid principles. Most people are aware of the Food Pyramid, a hierarchy of which foods to eat in what quantities. The Youthful Skin Pyramid depicts which skin care products are essential and in what order of importance, beginning from a daily Broad Spectrum Sunscreen to Hydra-peptides at the top of the pyramid. While CORE offers plenty of products for specific skin types, the goal – once your skin is more balanced – is to streamline your skin care routine to just 4 products (one from each tier of the Youthful Skin Pyramid) plus an exfoliating cleanser.

CORE by Anton MD is simple in its approach: bring the skin back into balance, and then help to maintain it. Fully achieving this goal often requires a combination of therapies. As shown in the CORE Combination Therapy Pyramid, the CORE products work in conjunction with in-office treatments and surgical procedures. Dr. Anton has long been an advocate of combination skin therapies for achieving maximum results in balancing your skin. During a consultation with Dr. Anton, he along with our Medical Aesthetician and Aesthetic Nurse can customize a combination skin therapy program for you that includes your basic CORE skin care products along with any surgical procedures or in-office procedures like Chemical Peels, IPL, micro-needling, monthly facials, Fractionated C02 laser, fillers, and Botox.

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Are you looking to Correct, Optimize, Renew or Exfoliate? Download our fun quiz to find out where your skin needs balancing and what product treatment is best for you!

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