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Chemical peels have been in use since the days of antiquity, and many different formulations exist to achieve the goal of rejuvenating the skin by means of triggering the skin’s natural peeling mechanism.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

While most peels are designed for use on the face, you can also use chemical peels on different areas of the body, including the neck, chest, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs, and hands.

Today, chemical peels are just one more option for rejuvenating the skin by removing dead skin cells, surface impurities and accumulated debris, and triggering collagen production to expose a fresh, new layer of renewed skin cells.

Chemical peels work by means of triggering the body’s natural reaction to a surface burn, similar to the way the skin peels following a sunburn. Most chemical peels use some form of acid to gently burn off the skin’s outermost layer, revealing a fresh new layer of glowing new skin beneath.

Chemical Peel Newport Beach

Chemical Peel Newport Beach

Types of Peels

There are many types of chemical peels, but most fall into one of three basic categories:

Superficial or Light Peels: These are the type of peels that people often refer to as “lunchtime peels” and are the mildest type of chemical peel available. This type of peel lifts off only the outermost surface layer of skin, and you may experience redness or slight tenderness to the touch for about 20 to 30 minutes after the treatment. Over the course of the next few days, you may experience some mild flaking and peeling, but for the most part, the effects of these peels is not particularly dramatic.

The results can be impressive at producing improved surface tone and texture, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and some reduction in pore size and brown spots. For deeper rejuvenation, however, you’d have to go with a more intense type of chemical peel.

Medium-depth Peels: These chemical peels are the next level up after a light or superficial peel, and generally contain trichloroacetic acid at concentrations of 35 percent or less. Medium-depth peels are effective at treating sun damage, sunspots, mild to moderate acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and lax skin and/or dark circles under the eyes.

Following the application of the acid, the peeling process can take anywhere from five to seven days. During this period, the skin peels similarly to the way it peels after a sunburn. The fresh new skin beneath the surface is raw and red and very vulnerable, requiring constant hydration with ointment and total protection from sun exposure, which means that our Newport Beach Chemical Peel patients may need to stay indoors for a few days during the recovery period.

Deep Peels: These deeper peels are used to treat more pronounced and stubborn issues such as severe acne scars, deeper lines, and wrinkles, excessive sun damage, or laxity of the skin. These peels also contain trichloroacetic acid solutions, but in this case, they contain concentrations ranging from 50 to 70 percent, and in some cases, they may contain phenol acid.

Deeper chemical peels may not be recommended for patients with darker skin tones, as they could produce scarring or uneven pigmentation in such patients. Downtime following a deep peel may range from one to two weeks, with an average period of about 10 days. During this time, peeling is intensive and the raw, pink skin beneath the surface must be protected from sun exposure as well as kept hydrated at all times.

You will probably have to spend most of the recovery period indoors, but it will be worth the sacrifice once you heal from the peel and expose that lovely layer of glowing, fresh new skin!

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