Seasonal Skin Care Program: Chemical Peels & Home TreatmentsAesthetics MD Newport Beach

Seasonal Skin Care Program: Chemical Peels & Home Treatments

Your skin has different needs depending on the season. Aesthetica at Aesthetics MD has developed a Seasonal Skincare Program to optimize treatments and at home skin care regimes. For example, Autumn brings with it a new set of skincare concerns, even for us still enjoying this balmy October in southern California. Fall is THE season for fixing the damage that has been done over the summer. Here are some fantastic ways to effectively treat your damaged skin.

In Office Chemical Peels

A light Chemical Peel once a month is great for maintenance all year round. Fall, however, is the perfect time for a more aggressive chemical peel in conjunction with your routine monthly peels.

You can expect about a five to seven day down time after each treatment, which includes peeling and sensitivity. After about a week, you can expect skin to be refreshed and youthful, just in time for your holiday gatherings. Both of these peels will decrease dryness and flaking for individuals with dry skin; decrease bacterial production for individuals with acne-prone skin; and increase the absorption of your at-home skincare products.

At Home Treatments

Retinols: increase cellular turnover (skin sloughing), improve skin texture, minimize pore size, decrease and soften lines & wrinkles, and increase the effectiveness of other products used in conjunction with retinol.

Brighteners: help to uniform color variations in the skin and lighten unwanted brown spots. Common brightening agents include hydroquinone and kojic acid.

Antioxidants: increase collagen production, increase the efficacy of SPF, and protect against environmental damage that can break down collagen and cause brown spots, lines, and wrinkles.

Have a happy and healthy autumn! If you would like to book a skincare consultation, or schedule a treatment, please call Amber at (949) 430-6742.

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