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At Aesthetics MD, we are constantly seeking new, innovative ways to present our patients with high-quality treatments to address a growing number of aesthetic concerns in the skin or body.

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

We do extensive research to discover new methods that can help alleviate the after-effects that come with any cosmetic surgery or even minimally-invasive procedures. Incorporating powerful serums, nutrients, and naturally-occurring substances can improve your healing time, results, or recovery process.

To help aid healing after cosmetic enhancement surgeries and procedures, we offer Cytokine and growth factor treatments and serums alongside our services. Ask us about how you can learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation for a certain treatment.

Cytokines Newport Beach

Newport Beach Cytokines

Is It Effective?

Applying cytokines topically after a cosmetic enhancement procedure can help patients heal and recover faster.

Newport Beach Cytokines Cytokines Newport Beach

Combining growth factors with certain treatments boosts your natural production of collagen and other nutrients that can help treatment imperfections in the skin. Cytokines can also reverse some signs of aging and help patients feel and appear more youthful. Additionally, these naturally-occurring nutrients help combat disease, infection, cell damage, inflammation and more.

Combining stem cell products and growth factors like cytokines with skin enhancement treatments can be an excellent way to give your procedure an added boost. At AestheticsMD, we strive to deliver the highest quality of care available to patients in Southern California. We believe incorporating powerful, naturally-occurring ingredients enhance the overall-results of certain procedures and can alleviate unpleasant after-effects patients may experience post-op. In some cases, cytokines can even be incorporated into topical skincare treatments that patients apply either under the supervision of an expert or in the comfort of their own home.

Cytokine Benefits

Cytokines are an incredible part of the body’s natural processes without additional assistance, but when injected or applied to the skin, it can boost the restorative process. In addition to helping promote healing and cell regeneration within the skin, the introduction of cytokine growth factors in the body naturally triggers our body’s ability to create more. This means that incorporating cytokines into your plastic surgery procedure or skin enhancement treatment can help the results last longer by triggering your natural ability to reduce skin damage over time.

Cytokines Orange County

Cytokines Newport Beach

Cytokines Combinations

The possibilities for incorporating stem cell cytokines, growth factors, and other natural substances into skin enhancement are still growing, but many plastic surgeons recommend using them in conjunction with certain procedures. Newport Beach Cytokine patients can opt to include the procedure into their injectable treatments, as a topical solution during non-surgical or minimally-invasive treatments, and it can even be incorporated into post-op treatment following cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Consultation For Cytokine in Newport Beach

At AestheticsMD, Dr. Mark A. Anton, MD, FACS, believes that everyone deserves to feel and appear their absolute best. We work closely with patients to understand their unique aesthetic desires and medical history to best understand what type of treatments can help achieve visible results. We are always looking for new ways and innovative tools that can be incorporated with cosmetic surgery, medical spa treatments, or offered as a standalone treatment. To learn more about cytokines, growth factors, hormones, and the type of add-ons that are available at our facility in Newport Beach, contact us today.

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