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Having a hair transplant is a big decision. Planning is important. It is not just about restoring volume, it is about creating an artful restoration.

Once you get your awesome hair restoration results, post- transplant maintenance with Rogaine or Finastride may be recommended to delay progression of pattern hair loss. Strand MD has formulated its own special product made in the USA, for transplant maintenance. For the convenience of our patients, Strand MD offers a subscription plan to ensure you never run out.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) may be combined with hair transplants and is a beneficial treatment that may by continued after hair transplantation. Initially, three treatments are spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Then your response will be evaluated. A good response is decreased hair loss, increased hair thickness and regrowth. Then maintenance treatments every 8 – 12 months may be recommended. These are general recommendations. Your Strand MD hair restoration expert will give you their recommendations based on for your specific situation and responses to PRP.

Importantly, eating a healthy diet and not smoking can help you maintain the results of your hair transplant. Nutritional supplements can be helpful as well.

Hair grafts are permanent because the follicular units are taken from the back of the head where the hair is usually resistant to genetic hair loss. That hair will grow continually because it is genetically programed to grown. But, because hereditary hair loss does not stop with a hair transplant, you will continue to lose hair, even around the transplants. To maintain and refresh you will likely need touch up procedures to restore the hair line or to add more fill.

At Strand MD, in Newport Beach, California, we have many options to help you maintain your hair transplant, and prevent or delay hair loss in the future.

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