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This 50 something Orange County woman presented with concerns about looking tired and older. She was not ready for a facelift and opted for a non-surgical, minimal downtime procedure called a Liquid Facelift to address facial signs of aging including:

  • sagging skin in the mid face and jawline
  • fine lines around the mouth and chin
  • deep wrinkles in the nasal labia folds

Filler was applied to her temple, cheek, jaw, chin and lip area. Botox was applied to the forehead and eye area. A liquid facelift addresses all areas of the face that demonstrate volume loss, fine lines, and deep wrinkles due to  the natural aging process. Results from a liquid facelift can last up to two years. We recommend a touch up every 6-12 months depending on the patient’s age and aging process.

The liquid facelift is performed in the office without any local anesthetic. Patients numb for 30 minutes with a topical numbing cream. Slight swelling and  bruising can occur and generally subsides within 2-3 days. CALL TO ACTION for FREE skin care consult.

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