Breast Reconstruction
Patient 05

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Breast Reconstruction - Case 5

54 year old woman, breast cancer survivor, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, Los Angeles, Ca

This patient was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy on her left breast. After her mastectomy she had a breast reconstruction with implants, two years later she got an infection and her implants had to be removed. She was afraid of having implants because of her previous negative experience but also wanted to feel more feminine again. For this procedure she had an extensive bilateral breast reconstruction with placement of Mentor moderate profile plus smooth round silicone gel implants (325 cc on the right, 450 cc on the left.) Her previous scars were revised, extensive fat grafting, liposuction, and suture revisions were done. These photos were taken 3 months after her surgery, her breasts felt soft and she couldn’t be happier. Tattooing of her left nipple and areola could be done at a later time.

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