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Implant Removal

This patient had three prior breast surgeries and each time got capsular contracture, which causes the breasts to become hard, difficult to move, and can be painful. In her exam, Dr. Anton determined she had a Grade 4 capsular contracture in her left breast. She had the choice to remove and replace only the left implant and see how her breast responded. She decided that the fourth time would be the charm and opted to remove both implants. When considering whether a patient is a candidate for an implant removal, Dr. Anton also must consider how much natural breast tissue she has. In this case, the patient had enough for a nice, natural looking breast. To achieve the small, perky breasts she desired, Dr. Anton recommended a no-drain Super Breast Lift.

In surgery, Dr. Anton removed an intact silicone gel implant from her right breast then discovered her left implant had ruptured. He carefully removed the silicone and wiped the capsule clean. In a Super Breast Lift, Dr. Anton first tightens the capsule with ball cautery to help shape the breast. Then he performs internal dermal lifting and tightening in three areas: nipple areolar dermis, lower breast curve dermis, and lower breast fold dermis. This gives the breast a better shape that holds longer over time.

Seven months after her surgery when her post-op photos were taken, the patient is so happy that she made the decision to remove her implants. She says it even makes her feel, “lighter on her feet” to have them gone.

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