Mommy Makeover
Patient 05


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Mommy Makeover - Case 5

39 year old woman, 5’7″, 147 lbs, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, Orange County, Ca, mother

This patient was very frustrated with her body after having children, she ate well and exercised regularly but could not get her flat stomach back. She was a 36 C cup before having children and her breasts had significantly deflated after breast feeding. She had a full abdominoplasty with single musculofascial plication and 710 grams removed. Her umbilical hernia was also repaired during this procedure. She also had a bilateral breast augmentation with Mentor moderate profile plus (right 250 cc, left 225 cc) smooth round silicone gel implants placed under the muscle. She also had a breast lift with an addition 60 grams of tissue removed from her left breast to improve her shape and symmetry. These photos were taken a year and a half after her surgery.

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