The Trunk Show: Male Liposuction ProcedureAesthetics MD Newport Beach

The Trunk Show: Male Liposuction Procedure

Women aren’t the only ones who seek cover at the beach or pool. Men who are hiding a few extra pounds go undercover by sporting baggy t-shirts and loud Hawaiian prints that scream, “Hey look at me. I’m out of shape!” At Aesthetics MD in Newport Beach, we offer our male patients a solution to beer bellies and man boobs. Move over Mommy Makeover. Make way for the Trunk Show.

Plastic surgery for men is on the rise, and the procedure that is rising fastest amongst the male population is liposuction. We hear so much about women who desire a little nip tuck when it comes to getting the body they desire. Now the guys are weighing in — no pun intended! Plenty of men (even the ones who exercise) discover that with age or a few too many Monday Night Football parties those stubborn pounds accumulate and mostly in those hard to lose places — namely the abdomen and chest area.

The Trunk Show

The Trunk Show is a surgical procedure that involves Dr. Anton’s signature Curved Liposuction applied to the chest and abdomen and is often times followed by a fat transfer to the upper chest. These procedures can be done separately or in conjunction to achieve optimal results in rebalancing the male physique.

The Trunk Show procedure involves three micro incisions — one just above the pubic and one in each areola. What sets Dr. Anton’s liposuction procedure apart from other plastic surgeons is this signature technique he calls, Curved Liposuction. Dr. Anton discovered early in his practice that the problem with traditional liposuction is the instrument used by most surgeons — a linear blunt-tipped cannula. Dr. Anton designed and created his own uniquely curved cannulas that follow the contours of the body rather than violate them.

The benefits of Curved Liposuction include:

  1. Natural results, reshaping and sculpting to your body
  2. Minimal incisions
  3. Reduced risk of post-operative skin irregularities

After liposuctioning the abdomen and chest areas, Dr. Anton will often harvest a portion of the fat and inject it into the upper poles of the chest just above each pectoral muscle. This serves to recreate the fullness to the pectoral muscle lost by age and atrophy. Afterwards, the patient is wrapped in a compression garment that is to be worn during the six-week post-operative period. This garment is easily concealed under normal clothing and comfortable to wear. Downtime after surgery is minimal. Most Newport Beach Liposuction patients will return to work two to four days after the procedure, reporting very little discomfort during the healing period. Workouts may resume 4 weeks after surgery.

Liposuction Before and After Photos

The Trunk Show is a procedure unique to Aesthetics MD. However, other non-surgical liposuction techniques do exist promising similar results. While devices such as CoolSculpting will reduce pockets of fat in a similar fashion to liposuction, it will not sculpt the body and reshape it in the process. It’s like the difference between buying a suit off the rack and having one custom made — the beauty is in the design. Additionally, the costs of some of the non-surgical liposuction procedures can be hidden as most often require multiple procedures for optimal results.

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