An About Face – A FaceTite Patient Experiencein Newport Beach

An About Face – A FaceTite Patient Experience

One of the perks of working for a board certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach CA is that sometimes you get to be the patient. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Anton performed the FaceTite non-incisional skin tightening procedure on our aesthetic nurse, Tammy and Practice Coordinator Tracy in his Newport Beach office under light sedation.

FaceTite is cutting edge technology that uses Radio Frequency (RF) to heat the inner layers of the tissue (the sub-dermis) for a tightening and lifting effect without any scars and minimal downtime. FaceTite can be used alone or in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures like neck liposuction, face liposuction, and a lower or mini facelift.

Signs of an Aging Face

Every face ages differently. Some of my tell-tell signs of aging were:

  1. Moderate sagging jowls
  2. Moderate sagging skin in the corners of my mouth, also known as marionette lines. These can be difficult to treat even with a facelift.
  3. Some fine lines on and around my upper lip (perioral area)
  4. Some wrinkling and uneven texture in my chin area
  5. Loose skin under my neck
  6. Overall tone of my skin
  7. Loss of collagen and elastin production

FaceTite a Non-Invasive alternative to Face or Neck Lift

FaceTite offers the perfect solution to facial aging without having to undergo a more invasive plastic surgery procedure such as a face and neck lift. With FaceTite the patient doesn’t have to travel to a surgery center or be placed under general anesthesia. The other bonus–no incisions, which means no scars. For a lot of our patients in Newport Beach, CA seeking facial rejuvenation, FaceTite is the perfect answer to looking younger without having a facelift.

When you look at the videos of the actual procedure, you might wonder if it hurts. The answer is, not at all. Tammy and Tracy were awake enough to talk and be aware that Dr. Mark Anton was performing the FaceTite procedure. Tammy and Tracy didn’t experience any pain afterward the FaceTite procedure. They never had to take any kind of pain medication either during the post-op period.

The FaceTite procedure begins with an application of topical numbing cream on the treatment area(s). At this time Tammy and Tracy were given an oral medication to help them relax and be comfortable. On all counts, they were comfortably numb. A second administration of numbing injections insured that they felt nothing during the actual procedure.

First, Dr. Anton makes a tiny opening–so small that it doesn’t require stitches or leave a scar–at the back of the jawline below the ear. He places the FaceTite probe under the skin along the jawline, where it heats the sub-dermis to achieve the tightening effect. Tammy and Trace liken it to “shrink wrap for the tissues”.

Because the FaceTite probe is placed under the skin, the temperatures can be higher than with an epidermal application of RF like Forma. Higher temperatures equals more tightening and facial rejuvenation. An immediate change appears in the tissues, which continues to improve over the next three months as new collagen and elastin forms. Optimal results are seen after three months.

Immediately after the procedure Tammy and Tracy were groggy and slept for two hours. While Tracy napped, it was nurse Tammy’s turn for her FaceTite procedure.

“I’m glad we had each other in the recovery period because we both looked like pumpkin-heads for about 5 days afterwards. I hadn’t counted on how swollen I would be so when patients ask me about recovery I let them know that there is no pain, but you might want to hide out for a few days afterwards or buy a big hat. The only real complaint I had was the swelling and my face was a little itchy. My face was also numb in the treated areas, but the sensation came back slowly over the next four to six weeks.” Tracy said.

After 5-7 days all the swelling disappears. You’ll notice your skin may be a little rough and lumpy in places for a few weeks but that dissipates a little each day. If your FaceTite treatment is combined with Fractora, a skin resurfacing treatment, then you will also notice little pin-prick scabs that slowly slough off.

“Since I don’t get many opportunities to be one of Dr. Anton’s patients, I opted for as much facial rejuvenation as I could get and had the Fractora treatment too.” Tracy said.

So did Tammy. Fractora resurfaces the skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles, so combined with FaceTite it’s was a total makeover!

Both Tammy and Tracy have noticed major changes in their “problem” areas. If you are considering FaceTite keep in mind that the perfect candidate is someone who is not ready for a full facelift, but is concerned with the signs of facial aging. It can also be a great maintenance tool for people who have had a facelift and just want to hit the refresh button. FaceTite is also affordable. You can treat your entire face and neck, including Fractora for resurfacing, for just $5,500 and that even includes your post-op skin care products from our CORE skin care line.

Working in a plastic surgeon’s office, we get introduced to all the latest and greatest devices. Some of them Dr. Anton says are simply not safe, and others he says are mostly hocus-pocus. The litmus test is always, “Would I pay for this treatment?” No question FaceTite is worth the investment in looking years younger. Or as Tammy says, I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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