How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple?in Newport Beach

How to Enlarge the Size of the Nipple?


I have very small nipples…even slightly inverted at times. I would like to make them larger both in diameter and length if possible, and for them to maintain erected. Is this possible? What procedures? What are the physical risks? From: Pjrose

Answer from Dr. Anton

Hello Pjrose – Inverted nipples can be made to be extroverted with surgery through a horizontal incision across the top (peak) of the nipple. These incisions tend to heal exceptionally well. The entire normal nipple is always present but collapsed inward due to shortened/retraced ducts. I can not detect any sign of an inverted nipple in your photo, but if it presents itself occasionally, you could be a candidate for this surgery. Enlarging the nipple can be most easily done with injections of fillers in the office. This is a simple and cost effective approach, which is what you might consider trying first. Good luck to you.

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