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Dr. Anton's Signature Curved Liposuction

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I want my body back!

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and feel like you don’t recognize the body staring back at you? Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, menopause, and the natural aging process change your body over time and usually not for the better. The body you once felt good in just doesn’t look or feel the same. Or maybe there is something that you have always wanted to change about your body to feel more confident confidence. Plastic surgery procedures like liposuction can help improve body contours and body confidence....


Newport Beach Liposuction

What is the best filler for jawlines?

A strong, balanced jawline is a sign of beauty. Not everyone is born with a jawline they love. Plus, as we age and our face loses bone mass, jawlines become less defined. Tissues begin to sag and our faces look older. It used to be that only an invasive procedure like orthognathic surgery could help people born with a weak chin and jawline. Today, injectables like Radiesse can create beautiful and dramatic angels in the face to enhance anyone's beauty. Many celebs turn to the needle to get those Instagram worthy sharp cheekbones, full lips and angular jawlines. But you don't have to be famous to get the celebrity treatment. At Aesthetics MD our nurses are trained in advance injectable treatments like building a better jawline. Treatments are done in the office with a topical numbing cream for patient comfort. Swelling is minimal following treatment but it can feel a little tender in the treated areas for a few days. Sometimes patients prefer a soft foods diet for a few days after treatment.

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CORE by Aesthetics MD

If you had to pick just one..

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Being Basic is good when it comes to skin care.

There are 3 skin care products that no one who cares about their skin should be without:

Skin care products are your first line of defense against aging skin. They work to protect and rejuvenate your skin on a daily basis and enhance any monthly treatments you are doing in the office. Our CORE by Anton MD line includes products to cleanse, tone, brighten, lighten, hydrate, protect and stimulate collagen. This month when you buy al three of the Basics which include skin envy or zen gel, r&r 50 or 100, and made in the shade, you get a free cleanser of your choice. So head on over to our online store to buy the Basics.

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YouthGevity Tips With Tracy Panzarella

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A Message From Tracy

Liposuction Newport Beach

Making a Connection

Most of us have no idea how disconnected we are from ourselves. That's because life is practically designed to keep us so preoccupied that we don't notice, we don't have time to question, and we don't slow down. I love technology for how it has simplified my life and made connecting to information and people so much easier. But technology is also a distraction. It keeps us from forming a deep connection with our inner self - so far, there's no app for that! We get so accustomed to being stimulated that it is hard to sit in silence with our own thoughts.

Yet, when we are tying to improve and change our world, we need moments that are free from the chaos. Rather than disappear into our computers, phones or video games, we need to take a moment and disappear into our inner world. Meditation is a great tool for making an inner connection. I wish I could say I was good at meditation. I'm not. The whole goal of meditation is to stop the monkey mind and be free from thought. Let thoughts think you instead. I find when I try to sit still and meditate I can't ever get to that place where my thoughts are connected to the universe. They are still connected to my to do or ta da list.

Connection mostly happens for me when I walk. I love an early morning walk, heading out with my dog before the sun comes up or the nocturnal animals have retreated back into hiding. I can slow my mind, sink into the rhythm of my breath, and flow into earth's energy. From there I can begin to feel that great expansion of warmth through my body that comes when you let go of the chaos and wander into the inner dimensions of your subconscious mind. By the time I get home I'm not sure the path I've traveled, only that I've arrived at a new understanding and perception of who I am.

That is how I meditate most days. But I admit, some days the chaos gets the better of me. I get sucked in and pulled away from my life force. It's surprising how quickly I can slip back into old patterns and old ways of thinking if I'm not mindful to make a connection. I find myself at my desk feeling drained. When I do, I slip my shoes off, close my eyes and imagine the earth connected to my feet. I see all it's vibrant gold, brown, and green colors swirling from my feet to the top of my head and back down to my feet. I breathe in the calm and breath out the chaos. I wait for the warmth to fill my body then check in with my subconscious mind and once again find my way back home.

A Word From Dr. Anton

Newport Beach Liposuction

I hope everyone’s year is off to a happy and purposeful start. I know a new year stimulates thoughts of change. Aesthetics MD gets very busy with new and previous patients looking to make a physical improvement with plastic surgery.

For the past 29 years I’ve had the privilege of helping my patients change the way they look so that they could achieve their optimal beauty. There is no question that the way we look effects our self-confidence and self-confidence effects how other people see and react to us. I’ve heard wonderful stories from patients too numerous to count about how plastic surgery has changed their life for the better.

Of course, we all know that outer beauty is only part of our self-confidence equation. Health is another and then there is our inner beauty, those qualities not visible to the naked eye but that define our character. From time to time our inner beauty also needs nurturing and a tweak here or there.

The kind of change I can make with plastic surgery is the easy part, and by that, I mean the most instant gratification. It’s the life changes that patients make after surgery that always impress me the most. Like the liposuction patient who decides to take health seriously and makes the sacrifices to eat right and exercise. Or the rhinoplasty patient who finally has the confidence to go back to college and get a degree. These kinds of changes take guts, disciple, and commitment. When you add what plastic surgery can achieve with the kinds of personal changes that also improve ones’ life, that is a winning combination.

I’ve made my own life changes in the past several years. Sleep for one has been a major life shift for me. You’ve heard it from be before, but I will keep saying it – sleep is one of the single most important lifestyle adjustments you can make to improve your aging process. I used to be a night owl. My entire family is night owls, but I found after years of burning the midnight oil that I wasn’t getting the sleep I needed to have the energy I wanted for the rest of the day. So, I made adjustments. I took the television out of the bedroom. I started getting to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even weekends. I ate dinner earlier and gave up alcohol during the week.

Because I felt more rested, I had more energy for exercise and because I was exercising, I changed some of my eating habits. That’s how change works, like dominoes that fall one after the other. The hardest part can be that first little shove that begins our momentum. For some people that can be having a plastic surgery procedure. Very often a physical improvement inspires a person towards becoming their own personal best. Other times it’s using surgery as an incentive, sort of like a reward for getting to the goal line. I can’t say one option is better than the other. It is up to the individual and what is the most motivational.

Whatever changes you are thinking of making this year remember the golden rule: Believe in yourself. Change is a funny thing. It can attract a lot of criticism and even shaming from people who believe they know what is best for you. There will always be the person in your life that says you’re crazy for changing XYZ. I hear this all the time from patients who are contemplating having plastic surgery. Well-meaning friends and family tell them they don’t need plastic surgery. To be clear, no one ever needs plastic surgery for medical reasons, which is why it is elective surgery. However, plastic surgery can satisfy a psychological need. You have to learn to listen to your inner voice and follow its advice.

What is that saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world”? Well, I would offer the following, “Be the change you want to see in you”.

All the best,


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