Facelift for Menin Newport Beach

Have you noticed wrinkles, weight gain, or structural changes developing in your face?

— Dr. Mark Anton, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Facelift for Men Newport Beach

You are not alone! Aging is an inevitable part of life and often develops most noticeably in the face. Unfortunately, as the face is often the first thing others notice, it can impact first impressions and cause you to appear sleep deprived or rundown.

Plastic surgery can help address a growing number of concerns for men, particularly in the face and facial features. A facelift for men is a popular plastic surgery procedure directed towards patients who wish to enhance, tighten, and lift the skin around the face. In particular, it works best for patients who are seeking to correct significant wrinkles, sagging, drooping, or folds around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw, and neck.

About the Facelift Procedure

At AestheticsMD, Dr. Anton’s signature approach to facelift surgery allows patients to achieve natural-looking results while still achieving a firmer, more renewed appearance. The approach, known as the Triple Layer Facelift, allows Dr. Anton to target three different aspects within the face to deliver a more harmonious and visible result.

At our facility, male patients can benefit from a procedure that addresses the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which can tightening target areas around the muscles and face. He then re-drapes the skin to ensure it is placed perfectly and is never too tight or lies unnaturally across the face. Finally, Dr. Anton also combines lower eyes (blepharoplasty) surgery with this procedure to help eliminate the undesirable “wind-blown” appearance.

Newport Beach Facelift for Men

Facelift for Men Newport Beach

The Benefits

Facelift procedures are incredibly popular among men and women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s - although there is no specific time frame for patients to undergo the procedure!

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For men, a facelift is recommended to target and correct loose, sagging tissue throughout the face and neck. The result is often a more refreshed and firmer visage. A full facelift for men (as opposed to a mini- or mid-facelift) will address all three sections within the face, including the forehead, the mid-face, and the lower face and neck. Some benefits of male facelift surgery include:

  • Tightens loose, sagging skin
  • Reduces drooping of the cheeks
  • Help to lift the corners of the mouth and reduce scowling or permanent frowning
  • Addresses creases between the cheeks and the lips
  • Can sharpen the jawline and reduce turkey-neck or drooping around the neck
  • Can deliver a brighter, more alert appearance

A facelift for men works to tighten and pull taut the skin around the face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, deep furrows, folds, sagging, drooping, and similar signs of aging in the skin. While aging is a completely natural and normal part of life, it can often be distressing to notice these changes developing in your skin - particularly when you still feel young and spry!

A facelift for men offers a comprehensive approach to facial enhancement, which can deliver more natural-looking results when compared to non-surgical procedures, Botox or facial fillers. Additionally, the procedure can be longer-lasting, which means men can seemingly turn back the clock and maintain many years of their new appearance.

Facelift for Men Newport Beach

Facelift For Men Differences

Plastic surgery procedures should be carefully customized to suit the needs of every patient individually.

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Certain techniques may not be ideal for everyone, conditions vary from patient to patient. This is especially true for men and women since they tend to age slightly differently and have different aesthetic concerns.

To address this, we ensure a facelift for men is catered to suit the unique facial structure and problem areas for each patient. In particular, we understand male patients may wish for a more chiseled or sharp jawline or facial contour as compared to women, who may opt for a softer facial shape. To address this, we use a slightly different approach for facelifts for men.

Consultation for Facelift in Newport Beach

Men who are seeking to improve their appearance through plastic surgery should always look for a board-certified surgeon with experience in this area. Since the approach for male plastic surgery varies slightly, patients are encouraged to find surgeons who specialize in techniques geared toward the masculine body. At AestheticsMD in Newport Beach facelift for men might be the right choice for you. We offer consultations to men who reside in or around Newport Beach to help address common concerns in facial enhancement. Contact us today to find out more about our services!

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The Recovery

At AestheticsMD, Dr. Anton performs his facelift for men procedures in an accredited medical facility. Following surgery, patients will be advised to stay overnight in a post-care facility.

Newport Beach Facelift for Men

Depending on the extent of treatment, a facelift for men can take anywhere from four to six hours. Patients will be under general anesthesia, however, so they will not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. In the first 24 hours following your facelift, however, patients may experience inflammation, pain, tenderness, redness, and bruising around the incision sites. A head wrap or neck wrap must be worn during the initial healing process, but patients can expect to have their sutures removed within the first week or two.

At this time, a smaller compression garment and new care instructions will be provided. Typically, patients can expect any swelling to subside within the first three months. After a year, there should be no more inflammation and patients will be able to appreciate the final results. The recovery and healing process following a facelift will vary on the techniques used and the extent of treatment required to achieve the desired results. However, with Dr. Anton, most patients will achieve their results around two to four weeks after surgery. Our Newport Beach Facelift for Men patients should follow their surgeons’ careful instructions to reduce the risk of infection, hematomas, or other complications. Typically, full results will be achieved within the first four months, although slight inflammation may still be present. In most cases, however, this is not noticeable to anyone but you and your surgeon.

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